Exploring the streets of a Thai village, one will come across street vendors offering a multitude of tasty snacks like these.

A1. Nuer Sawan Or Heavenly Beef $5.95
Sliced beef marinated in plum sugar is first sautéed to dry it out and then deep-fried to give a crispy effect. The flavor is delicious.

A2. Gai Satay (4 pc.) $5.95
Grilled marinate chicken in skewer, serve with toast, peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

A3. Peeg Gai Tod or Chicken Wing $5.25
Chicken wings marinated in spices, deep-fried to a golden brown and serve with mild sauce.

A4. Moo Peink or Grill Pork $5.95
Pork strips marinated and grilled serve with mild sauce.

A5. Lobster Rangoon $5.95
Lobster meat, cream cheese, imitation crab meat wrapped in egg ravioli, deep-fried to golden crisp served with sweet plum sauce.

A6. Chicken Ravioli (8 pc.) $5.25
Dumpling stuff with chicken, ginger, serve with House soy sauce. Choice of: Steamed or Deep-fried

A7. Kanoom Jeeb or Thai Shumai $5.95
Popular Asian dim sum dish, shrimp, mince pork, peas wrapped in egg roll skin. Choice of: Steamed or Deep-fried

A8. Shrimps Fantasy $8.95
Lightly battered shrimps, assorted veggies deep-fried to golden crisp side with house made plum sauce.

A9. Hoi Op or Steamed Mussels $6.50
Mussels steamed are a Thais favorite. In this dish the flavor from touch of wine, lemon glass adds a fresh tang to the mussels, on side spicy dipping.

A10. Crispy Shrimp $5.95
Battered Shrimps with wheat and bread crumbs, deep-fried to golden crispy, with side of sweet plum sauce.

A11. Pla Merk Tod or Crispy Squid $6.50
This beer lover favorite dished. Ocean fresh calamari in batter deep-fried to crisp, served with sweet plum sauce.

A12. Por Pia Sod or Fresh Rolls $5.50
These roll are ideal for the health-conscious shrimp, rice noodle, bean sprout, lettuce, basil leaf wrapped in rice paper serves with house special peanut sauce.

A13. Golden Thai Rolls $5.50
Ground chicken, carrot, cabbage and bean thread in a rolls, deep-fried to golden crisp and served with plum sauce.

A14. Crab Rangoon $5.50
Bostonian popular App. dish, cream cheese, veggies, crabmeat, wrapped in egg ravioli deep-fried to crisp, serve with plum sauce.

A15. House Special Platter $11.95
A wonderful and exciting appetizer sampler tray of Chicken satay(1),Lobster Rangoon(1) Golden nugget(2), Thai Roll(1), Wings(2), Chicken Rav.(2), Veg. Ravioli(2), Heavenly beef, Crispy Shrimp(1), Crab Rangoon(2).

Vegetarian Appetizers

A16. Pugg Tod 0r Veg. Tempura $5.50
Assorted veggies with batter deep-fried to a golden crisp serve with house made plum sauce.

A17. Golden Nugget $5.25
Mince of potato, carrot, cumin powder combine in spring roll deep-fried serve sweet plum sauce.

A18. Fresh Veggies Rolls $5.25
Sliced tofu, rice noodle, bean sprout, and lettuce basil wrapped in rice paper serves with house special peanut sauce.

A19. Tua Tom or Edamame $5.25
This absolutely nutrition dishes. Steamed green soybean in pod all natural, sprinkle with salt.

A20. Golden Triangle $5.25
Vegetarian’s favorite dishes. Sliced Tofu deep-fried to golden brown and serve with ground peanut in sweet chili sauce.

A21. Veggies Ravioli $5.25
Dumpling stuff with onion, green onion, cabbage serve with house soy sauce. Choice of: Steamed or Deep-fried.

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